Reputation Repair

Do you have a bad reputation online?

Are you suffering from negative press or reviews? Or do you have outdated search results that need repair?

Our team can help! We can repair a range of damaging reputation issues online including:

Inaccurate search results
Outdated information
Old forum posts
Negative blogs
Damaging reviews
Old images
Outdated profiles such as My Space, Yahoo, Flickr, Tumblr, WordPress
Outdated social media posts
Newspaper articles
and more

We know how frustrating it can be when an old image of you from 2006 appears at the top of Google and you really don’t want it there anymore.

Or when an old post you wrote on a forum is on page 1 and you cannot delete it!

It can be difficult when you change career and want to improve your reputation online but your older profiles seem to dominate results.

Our team have a wealth of experience in helping clients put that past behind them and changing the way they are perceived online. Get in touch today for a free, confidential quote on 0800 088 5506 or use our form above!

What do people see when they search for you online?

What do people see when they search for you online?

Your search results are critical as they are the first impression people get when they Google you. Employees, associates, clients, friends and the general public analyse your reputation when searching for you online and what they find influences their opinion of you.

Your online business reputation can really affect how customers and clients perceive you. Most consumers search online before making a purchase – including reviews of your service or product, and  previous customer experiences.

What they find will shape the way they feel about your business and will make the difference between whether they choose to buy from you or go to your competitor instead.

At Reputation Ace we repair, protect and manage your reputation so that you are in control of your online image.

We repair and build your reputation online.

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How to make the most of your social media prescence

Are you not making the most of your social media presence?

In some form or another most businesses have a social media presence – whether that is a Facebook company page, Twitter, Instagram or You Tube. Being on social media is great but it is not enough to simply ‘have’ a social channel  – you have to use it and use it well in order for it to really maximise its benefit.


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What is Reputation Management?

What is Reputation Management?

It is the process of using targeted digital strategies, in order to protect your image, business & brand.

At the heart of Reputation Management is Public Relations (PR). Offline PR was important to the success of a business, being online it is fundamental.